What People Are Saying

We have had many great things said about our products over the years. Here are just a few regarding Muscle & Joint Relief®.

I am a 55 year old woman who has suffered with arthritis in my hands and knees for many years. A few months ago, I started to use MJR (Muscle & Joint Relief ®). I was amazed at how quickly it relieved the pain and swelling. I am a firm believer of MJR. Thank you.

Dorothy Quesnel – Ontario, Canada

Several days ago I smashed my small toe into the wall while treating a client. It was very painful. I excused myself briefly to rub Muscle & Joint Relief ® on it and went back to work. When my client had left a 1/2 hour later, the pain was lessened but the toe was swollen and turning a sickening color of blue and green, signifying a possible break. I raised my foot and began applying Muscle & Joint Relief ® . Within minutes the throbbing pain had subsided and the swelling was reduced. By the next day the coloring was completely back to normal and there was only a minor amount of puffiness left. I used the oil continually for the next several days and was completely healed within a week. Once again this product has proven to me it’s superior healing qualities.

Chet Glenn – Sports Massage Therapist – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Over the past few years I have had severe pain in my right leg and over my lower back, pain radiating all over. Driving especially was a major problem. I saw my doctor and we tried various remedies including acupuncture. Nothing seemed to relieve it, and I had lost some range of movement. An X-ray showed osteo of the right hip joint. A surgeon told me he could do a hip replacement, but due to the sciatic nerve involvement, I would still have lots of pain… I was told about these oils so I tried the MJR (Muscle & Joint Relief ®). What a difference. I could walk easier within a very short time. I felt muscles being used that I had not felt for ages. I am active and had kept an active lifestyle of swimming and walking over this “bad” time. Therefore, I had kept as supple as possible, but still the difference was fantastic. Sure I get aches and pains but they are bearable and I apply some Muscle & Joint Relief ®when I get stiffness, etc. This is a great product, and has given me back a new lease on life. I am 62 and intend to keep up my swimming and walking for many years to come with the help of these wonderful oils. Thank you so much.

Sadey Stangowitz – Saanichton, B.C., Canada

We all bought snow boards for this winter and went up on Thanksgiving, our first day. When you learn snow boarding, you are pretty much falling all over the mountain for the first few days. And, you wind up using muscles that don’t often get used. It’s somewhat like surfing, only you’re attached to the board with bindings, so when the board catches an edge, you get slammed into the mountain, butt first or head first. The 1st day, I sprained my wrist, radially twisted it. According to Ski Patrol, it was fairly severe. It swelled and became painful to do anything but hold it up to my chest. I used MJR (Muscle & Joint Relief ® ) the minute I got home and kept applying it every 2-3 hours. It loosened the stiffness and eased the swelling. The next morning it was markedly better and 3 days later I was back on the board with wrist guards, my wrist being 75% back to normal. I still feel an ache when I put any strain on it. I use Muscle & Joint Relief ® which kills the ache in less than 5 minutes. Everyone who boarded that first day woke up the next day feeling like they had been beaten up. My roommate did a face plant and her neck was throbbing that night. She rubbed some of the MJR (Muscle & Joint Relief ® ) on her neck. The next morning, her neck was the only part that didn’t hurt. Needless to say, everyone who used it is asking for more…

C.J. Goeller – Aspen, Colorado

In January while visiting Kona, I was introduced to your healing oils. I bought a bottle of the MJR (Muscle & Joint Relief ®) as I was healing from pulled muscles and cracked ribs. It is wonderful and it has helped so much. I informed a few of my friends and I would like to know how I can order four, maybe five more bottles. One lady has had spinal surgery – lots of damage and is in therapy and massage to regain muscle tone and be able to walk. She is bed ridden now, but can go into a wheelchair. I know this will help.

Jan Silvestri – Cathamet, Washington